Simple and Delicious Onion Rings Recipe Without Egg

While there might be a perception that onion rings are a treat only to be enjoyed on special occasions while dining out, they are in fact a simple and delicious snack or meal that can be easily prepared at home with only a few simple ingredients. As well as being a tasty treat, this recipe for onion rings has numerous other benefits;

The ingredients for this recipe are straightforward, won’t cost you the earth and are more than likely already at home in your kitchen cupboard. This recipe for onion rings contains no milk or eggs, so you won’t have to worry about vegans or vegetarians if you are cooking for a lot of people. Preparation is easy and cooking time is nice and short if you just want to whip up a quick snack. Onion rings are an appetizing, savory snack that both adults and kids will love. As well as being affordable, delicious and readily available, onions have many health benefits as they are a great source of fiber, nutrients, antioxidants, B vitamins, and vitamin C.You don’t need to be an experienced chef or cook to prepare these delicate delights, so why not give them a go. You might be amazed at the ease and speed of this uncomplicated recipe.


Simple and Delicious Onion Rings Recipe Without Egg

Recipe by Ana Ciorici


Prep time


Cooking time





calories per 100g


  • One large onion

  • 100 grams of plain white flour (approximately one standard cupful)

  • A teaspoonful of salt (recommended – adjust to taste)

  • A ¼ teaspoonful of pepper (recommended – adjust to taste)

  • A ¼ teaspoonful of paprika (recommended – adjust to taste)

  • Pinch of cayenne pepper (if desired)

  • Sparkling water (Note – if you do not have sparkling water, use still water instead and substitute the plain white flour with self-raising white flour. Sparkling water makes a lovely light batter)


  • Place your flour, salt, pepper, and paprika into a bowl and mix together well. (You can always add extra or alternative seasonings to your own taste).
  • If you like hot and spicy, add just a pinch of cayenne pepper here for that extra kick (probably not the best idea if you’re preparing for kids).
  • Gradually add the sparkling water (about 100ml) and whisk until a nice smooth batter is formed.
  • Peel your onion and holding it steady slice it into rings approximately 1cm in thickness Sprinkle your onion rings with a little bit of flour and dip them into the batter until they are well coated.
  • Cook onion rings in a deep fat fryer using sunflower oil at 180(or as per manufacturer’s instructions) for approximately 3-4 minutes until golden crispy brown.
  • Place onion rings on kitchen paper to absorb any excess oil. Serve hot with a dip of your choice.

After a few tries of this onion ring recipe, you will find you don’t need to measure the ingredients or seasoning and that you will mix the batter and seasonings to your own particular taste and consistency.

When you perfect your own unique brand of delicious onion rings, you’ll find yourself very popular with friends and family, so don’t be surprised when they’re either pestering you to prepare them or maybe even to reveal your secret recipe!


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